Before your trip

Comprehensive insurance is highly recommended, please ensure you are covered for trekking.
Vaccinations and medical treatment  contact your health provider for current vaccination requirements. Medical treatment is not reliable in Venezuela, and medicines hard to come by. We advise that you bring sufficient of your personal medication with you.
Many of our trips do not require a high level of fitness, but you may enjoy your trip more if you are able to walk that bit further to see a particular waterfall or view.
Think about how much money you have to spend. We can help you arrange a trip to suit your budget. Make sure you have some money for emergencies. As a guide allow $60 per day basic, and $100 for more comfort. Local currency is the Bolivar Soberano, which you cannot buy outside Venezuela. Many shops and restaurant will only accept cash. Change money with a trusted contact on arrival.
Prices and payment options
Due to volatile exchange rates tours are quoted in USD but will be charged in local currency when the tour is booked. We accept payment in cash or by bank transfer. We do not accept debit/credit card payments. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details, see below.
Included/Not included
Check the itinerary of each tour for details of what is /is not included.
Please check any visa requirements before booking a tour, and make sure your passport is valid.
What season will you be traveling in? In Venezuela the rainy season runs May – October and the dry season November – April, however it can rain at any time of the year! During the rainy season waterfalls and rivers are likely to be more spectacular and/or more difficult to negotiate. Main holiday dates are Christmas/January, Carnaval (February), Easter and August.
How to get here
If you’re coming from Europe or the US to visit the Gran Sabana you can fly to Caracas, Venezuela, or to Boa Vista, Brazil. Altough we do not offer international flight booking, please ask us for advice.
What to pack  This depends on what type of trip you are going on, but you will always need mosquito repellent and sunscreen! See our attached checklist of what to bring HERE

Terms and conditions  View our terms and conditions HERE

Please contact us for more advice. We’re here to help.